Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oregon Adventure - October 2009

Oregon 2009

This past Saturday evening we returned from our 8-day adventure in Oregon. EP and I saw a ton we had never seen and were impressed with Oregon very much. Slightly cold this time of year, but the crowds were thin and we didn't need a single reservation for the campgrounds. Every road was still open and none were very busy.

Big Blue ran great, logging almost 1600 miles and climbing over 7000 feet near Crater Lake, as well as many mountain passes in the 4000 foot range. I added a little oil about 1/2 way through and checked the valves toward the end. All went really well.

Over the next few weeks I'll try to digest all the info and pictures and do some posts about the sites we saw and the places we camped.

Total miles: 1592 (272150 to 273742)
Gallons of gas: 79.22
MPG average: 20
States: 2
Old friends seen: 2
Number of Bay Window buses seen on the road: 3
Number of Split Window buses on the road: 2
Days of rain/sunshine: 2/6

Placed camped:
Emigrant Campground near Ashland
Alameda Park near Galice
Natural Bridge State Park near Union City
Tumalo State Park near Bend
No Name campground near Cougar Creek Reservoir
Sunset Bay Park near Coos Bay
Patrick's Point State Park near Arcata, CA

Interesting places visited (all of which will be covered in future posts):
The Olive Pit in Corning, CA
Lake Shasta area
Mo Garcia's VW shop and yard
Jacksonville and surrounding wineries
A VW yard near Grants Pass
Grants Pass
Medford and Rouge River Creamery
Crater Lake
Highway 242 and the Lava Flows
Terwilliger Hot Springs (uh, clothing optional...)
North Bend and Coos Bay
Bandon and the south coast
Eureka, CA

Stay tuned and I'll get some posts up soon.



Glad you had a fun and safe trip. Oregon is a beautiful state no matter where you travel.

Big Blue's Driver

Dadmichael - True! Oregon was really beautiful! And it was a great time of year to see it. I miss it already...

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