Thursday, June 23, 2011

VWs of... Kauai

I interrupt this VW excitement to show you 2 pictures our rental car... A Chrysler 200. A god-awful piece of underpowered engineering. The only 2 things features that saved it was that the top went down and that it wasn't a Ford Mustang...

The above Westy was a rental VW from Kauai Camper Rental.



The first one you have posted...I swear I saw it when I was there last May, not kidding! :)


Great Pics, Thank You.


Seems to be more on that island then Maui & Oahu combined... Either that or I wasn't paying enough attention.

Big Blue's Driver

@Missy - we saw that one a bunch of times around Hanalei, where we were staying.

@Jeremy & @Aaron - Seems like I took as many VW pictures as I did of the family. Need to rethink that...

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