Friday, June 17, 2011

Week in review - 6-17-11 - I need some sleep

What a week it has been!

We spent last week on vacation in Hawaii. It was hot, expensive, Oak got sick and there were precious little VWs. Next week I'll post "VWs of Kauai" - the VWs I saw while there. Not too many, but some interesting ones. The whole "Oak being sick" thing has taken most of our energy. But, the good news is I can honestly say that Doctor Lee at Wilcox ER is well recommended and can be trusted. And, while I am at it. Thanks to "Neal the Nurse" for breaking about 10 rules to make it easier for us and Joey, the nurse who handed us his personal cell phone without thinking twice. Oak is fine now. Apparently, he hates the damn jungle as much as his dad. Give me the desert any day!

Moving on.

I like to give GoWesty a rough time. They have ignored Big Blue for too long in their annual calendar contest. Well, I owe them an (somewhat) official apology. We had missed seeing this until last week, but it seems this year Big Blue was "good" enough to make "Honorable Mentions". Honorable mention! That's a damn disgrace. You can bet we are still shooting for the April 2012 spot in the next calendar. Mr. April, GoWesty - you hear that?!

See Big Blue? 2nd Row, far left. Keen observers of this blog will note something amiss with that photo. Any guesses?

And so we move on to upcoming news. The Raleigh Classic. Meaning, the next bus we will buy. Wait. Maybe we won't...

Getting warmer...

That's correct. I briefly had the notion of bidding on this beast (below) from afar.Then...

No. Why? Well, the whole "must get approved by the bank" before bidding seems a little too... organized?... structured?... asshole-ish?... for me. Plus, it costs money to register to spend money. And, let's be honest. It's not like this is going to be a good deal or something like that. My guess is it goes for $28,000 (way way way out of our price range). Good looking Westy (more pictures here).... should fit nicely into someone's portfolio.


Brandon Keith

Hey Big Blue, that 1973 Westy pictured has been sitting inside the VW dealership in Cary, NC for some time now with a price tag of $28,995 IIRC, so you were right in the ballpark on your guess. They had it, a tie-dyed early bay bus (that they use in their TV commercials), a Thing and a couple of old Beetles in their showroom. I took my kids in there so they could see that Westy, which is very similar to the 1972 that my grandfather had.

Big Blue's Driver

Brandon - I have been trying to find the results on the Westy but haven't yet. I'm curious what it went for...

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