Friday, June 3, 2011

Week in review - 6-3-11

This beauty highlighted a relatively uneventful week. This house is about a 10 minute walk from our house and this VW is sometimes there and sometimes not. I've seen it on the road once. It's a wonderful looking daily driver. I want to catch the owner sometime so I can be the millionth person who has stopped to talk to him about it. the owner also has a '49 Hudson out on front of his house that is awe-some!

The above beauty more than made up for this beast, seen in the Target parking lot. Let's not focus on the fact that I was in the Target parking lot and focus on why the hell they decided to take a sander to a pretty clean, early 60s bug. The bastards. I'm all for these type of bug-as-expression type things but there are enough wounded bugs out there to do this to:

In several cases, models have taken on the Westy lately as backdrop for their frontdrop. Hey, what can I say - people send me these links! I must have gotten the VW tent link (I won't give it the courtesy of a link) 12 times in the first 2 days after it came out. This link was better: Here are some pics:

And here's the link to another vw van-inspired photoshoot:

Here are some pics from the above blog post:

Enough models and photos washed in California sun. Here, in NorCal, where it has been raining and raining and raining, I dusted off the old screenprinting skills to test the new design of the "Big Blue is a Friend of Mine" t-shirts. The new shirt features an actual picture of Big Blue! While this is a departure from the inspiration for the original sticker (and, then, t-shirt), I feel this is an appropriate way to work Big Blue himself into the image. Check it out:

Test t-shirts.

The screen.

The homemade printing station.

The test pulls... and...

Okay - so before people email me, I promise I will make some t-shirts available. These are being sent off to the Train Spotting campout for next weekend to be given out to Volks attending (since we won't be able to). I am ordering a larger stack of shirts, perfecting my motion and soon will have some t-shirts available to spread the word. Word.

Last thing. A friend of a friend of EP is pulling together some buses for an event at Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda tomorrow. Here are the details:

Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda, CA is looking for Volkswagen buses to be on display for their Summer Open House on June 4, 2011. The theme of the event is Summer of Love, so only people who own buses that capture the spirit of the 60s should reply.

Owners will receive 1 complimentary ticket to the event. Visit for event details.

Please contact Dana Seguin at 510-995-4111 for more information.

Note: Next week the blog will be on auto-pilot and there will be no week in review. We are off to search for VWs (and some peace) in a very humid location. And the computer and iPhone are staying behind. Stay tuned for "A week and a week in review" in 2 weeks. Cool?



That is so cool that you are screen printing. I'd love to learn how to do that.

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