Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flip Flop-ing VW - the story of a flip flop

I didn't really believe this story when I started to hear it. I noticed a VW bug at a store that sold flip flops - the Flop Shop - in Kauai so I asked if they were made locally. Seems I stumbled into a pretty cool project.

Did you know that thousands of flip flops wash up on the shore of Africa? I didn't. But they do. Check out the story at UniquECO, the "makers" of this flip flop statue. Apparently, they make all kinds of things by picking up the flip flops that wash up. Then they sell them. Here's a whale they made.

So I bought "big" one (they have small ones as well). They guy figured out I was a VW guy. He said that VW guys were the only people who bought them. Also, he said there is a bus! (maybe as seen here?)

So, all of a sudden, I am feeling good about my VW addiction. Last year in Paris I found some cool tin VW bugs. This year I find this in Hawaii. I see a new vacation goal!

Feeling like you want to help the cause? Get your own online here. Or call the Flop Shop in Kauai, because they were WAY cheaper there!


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