Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Blue's VW Bus Haiku Contest!

We warned you we had a contest idea coming up. For the next 2 weeks, we are having a haiku contest. The subject of the haiku should be about your VW experience. And to sweeten the Haiku-thinking brainstorms, we are offering prizes!

But first, entering the contest:

There are 2 ways.

1. Post your haiku to the Big Blue Facebook page here:
2. Email your haiku to BigBlueVW at gmail dot com along with your first name. We will post it to Facebook for everyone's enjoyment.

And, so we aren't to be confused as judges of such a contest, we have enlisted some special VW friends to help us out. The judges are:

Bus Buddha from My 1967 VW Camper
Ludwig's Driver from Ludwig & Gertie's Adventures
Minnie from A VW For Everybody

All run VW websites we love and all are experts in the art of haiku. Or could be if pressed into judging a contest. They are awesome to do this so be nice to them but not nice enough that they favor you. Or maybe you should do that.

Each judge will pick a favorite which will be announced on the 22nd.

If your haiku is picked by one of our esteemed judges, you will receive a special version of a "Big Blue is a Friend of Mine" t-shirt which will Big Blue quoting the 3 winning haikus. Big Blue, after all, is all about quoting haiku. There will be 7 of these shirts made; one for each winner, one for each judge, and one to hang in the shop.

But wait, that's not all!

Now, if your haiku is picked, you will have an opportunity to win the Grand Prize!

All 3 winning haikus will be posted on July 25th. The one with the most likes by midnight on the 27th wins THE GRAND PRIZE.

The GRAND PRIZE is a wallet handmade from Big Blue's original front seat material. Last year we had our friends at Platinum Dirt take the old seat material from Big Blue and make about 8 wallets from the material. These were the original seats from factory! We sent one back to the original owner, since his butt shined it for almost 40 years, a few went to pay off a few friends, and one will go to the haiku-ist with the most fan votes at the end of this all!

Confusing? Don't worry. We'll walk you through it as we go. All you have to worry about now is getting you haiku in by 11:59 on the 18th.

Inspiration comes
to those who hear the voice of
an air-cooled engine


This contest is brought to you by Big Blue and Finger Lakes Volkswagen:



Aw man, I am so excited. I hope I can conjure up enough brain cells to think of something good. I so want a t-shirt. Great idea!

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