Friday, July 22, 2011

The 2011 VW Camper Haiku Winners!

Thanks to all who took the time to post or send in a haiku about your VW. There were 70 haikus submitted. Most even followed the accepted rules of haiku (of 5-7-5). We will post the whole collection sometime next week, but 3 haikus were picked by 3 judges to win a custom-made Big Blue t-shirt. The judges were:

Bus Buddha from My 1967 VW Camper

Ludwig's Driver from Ludwig & Gertie's Adventures

Minnie from A VW For Everybody

And, without further jibber jabber, the winning haikus are:

Get Your Hands Dirty
Clear Your Mind of Distractions
Take Your Bus Camping

- by Jeremy Nix, Driver of "The Pig"

An angry gesture
As you accelerate past
This bus forgives you

- by Jeremy Nix, Driver of "The Pig"

A cool starry night
Snug as a bug in my bus
What should I make for Breakfast

- by Gary Marrs

Now - you'll see an interesting event has taken place. Semi-pro Haiku-expert Jeremy Nix has place 2 haikus in the final race to win the custom-made Big Blue Seat Wallet (which was the 2nd part of this contest).

So here's the deal. Both Gary and Jeremy get a wallet. Bam! I'm like Oprah! Call me soft in my old age, but I dig all 3 of these and think they both deserve the hand screened t-shirt and the wallet.

Now, here's the other deal. With the authors' permission, I would like to post all 3 of these to Facebook next week. The haiku with the most "likes" by 5:00, Friday the 29th, will be featured on a t-shirt that everyone can order. We'll make 50 or so and that's it. Assuming the winner let's me do it. I'll let you all know when that happens. So, be ready to start voting on Monday!





have no compression - exhaust valve is burned - I lost the contest :(

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