Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Blue's 2011 High Sierra Music Festival adventure!


Ludwig's Drivers

That little slip of paper taped to the lower left corner of your windshield is driving me CRAZY!


Big Blue's Driver

I have a little mental practice of leaving the tag on from the last time we camped so I can always check myself and not let it go too long without camping. That tag on there is from last September. We camped in February, but didn't get a tag to replace the old one. I guess I can stick it in Big Blue's Road Journal now that we camped last weekend...


it was 20 year's ago yesterday that BigBlu took its trip to Cabo for the 7/11 solar eclipse. What a time we had!

Glad to see the bus on another trip with a lovely family.

Drive safely!

Big Blue's Driver

Monty - thanks for the tidbit! Would love to see any pictures of that trip. I think I have a scan of the journal you took.

Our son loves riding in the back since he can actually see out the window!


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