Friday, July 29, 2011

7-29-11 - week in review - 24 bullets and the '56 bug gets in gear

Because of the results of the haiku contest last week, I did not post this awesome photo from

July is always the best month to get sweaty working on cars. And since I haven't done much since Oak came along 8 months ago, my "to do" list is getting long. I spent last weekend working on getting space to work.

An attempt to get all 3 VWs into one photo...

And.... The Green Hornet rolls out into daylight on his own set of new wheels!

It still needs a really good cleaning as I just sort of packed it away last fall to get ready for the arrival of Oak in November. It's good to finally get it out and start tinkering...

Right now, I am doing small stuff on the engine, like cleaning everything and rebuilding the fuel pump. Eventually, I'll take it to a shop to have them check for a rebuild.

On Sunday, Paul of Valley Wagonworks stopped by to deliver the transaxle out of a '57 bug. It was odd not seeing him in his normal blue overalls that he wears at the shop. His wife, Barbara, stopped by with him (driving a Volvo no less) and they got to meet Oak. When Paul shook Oak's hand I thought to myself, that's the coolest dude in Marin County meeting the coolest dude in Sonoma County. How cool!

Here's what he dropped by:

It turns out that the transaxle (actually transaxles, as there were 2) that came with the Green Hornet were both crap (according to Ron in the East Bay). So Paul had one from a '57 that he gave me. I now have everything I need to put this in (under?) Green Hornet. I hope to do that in the next few days.

While cleaning, I found some bullets in the door. It's been a long time since I've shot a 22, but I think that's what size they are. I found 24 of them, and took them down to the Petaluma Police Station so they could get rid of them (that process took 1 minute of interacting with an officer and 50 minutes of waiting).

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