Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Blue's Online Garage Sale - cleaning out the shop.

The shop has become overrun with things. Things I don't really need but thought they were cool at some previous point. So I'll be listing some items on ebay over the next few weeks. Here is the first batch:

ITEM 1: The V-8 Album: Early Ford V-8 Club of America: HB Book

Nice, thick hardcover book put out in 1985 by The Early Ford V-8 Club of America in San Leandro, CA. Tons of great photos, articles, specs, etc. 350 pages makes this bastard a heavy thing. This copy is in good condition, with the spine slightly faded. Also, "Property of Hal Hensler" is written in the cover in pen. Small scuff on the cover but nothing bad. Listed here.

ITEM 2: Porsche Technical Manual: SC book by Henry Elfrink 356

This is a softcover book in good shape. Not perfect, a few creases in the spine and corners but a great reference for Porsches - especially the 356. VW bug and bus owners will appreciate as well. This is the "Fourth Enlarged Edition" and it lists 1968 as the year of the edition. It barely touches on the 924, seems to skip the 912 and 911 entirely, but has some stuff about the racing program at the end. Listed here.

ITEM 3: 1975 BMW 1602 2002 1802 2002 tti owners handbook manual

This "Owner's handbook" is in really good shape. Tight! nice binding. Appears to be all there. Even has a blue cover that is branded BMW. Not sure if this is original but it seems like it. There is an address sticker on the inside page (see picture), but that is about the only "unoriginal" thing. Back has "13.11.75" on it so I assume it's from 1975, but again, not certain. Dig it! Listed Here.

ITEM 4: BMW 320i - huge lot of pamphlets books dealership stuff

11 pieces in this lot:

1. BMW 320i Haynes Manual: 75 thru 79 - Decent copy. tight spine, seems all there. Address sticker in inside cover. Nice workshop copy.

2. BMW 320i Owner's Handbook - this is the only item in the lot that is coming apart. Spine has given up the ghost and pages are tucked back in. Seems complete but I couldn't be sure. "13.VII.76" on back. I assume that means July, 13 1976.

3. "Accessories": Long dealership brochure that shows coolers, shifting knobs, floor mats, etc

4. "Color and upholstery selections" Long dealership brochure that shows interior and exterior options. Says, "(c) 1980" on back

5. "Color and upholstery selections" Long dealership brochure that shows interior and exterior options. Says, "1983" on back

6. "The Ultimate Driving Machine" Oversize dealership brochure that seems to be a model overview that shows 320i, 633 CSi, 733i, 528i. Dated 1981.

7. "320i" Oversize, thicker dealership brochure that seems to be a rundown on the 320i, Dated 1982.

8. "320i" Oversize, thicker dealership brochure that seems to be a rundown on the 320i, Dated 1979.

9. "320i" Oversize, dealership brochure that is about the 320i and folds out into a poster, Dated 1982.

10. "320i" Oversize, thicker dealership brochure (red cover) that seems to be a rundown on the 320i, Dated 1979.

11. "Ultimates by BMW" - smaller dealership brochure that shows things like BMW gloves, suitcases, etc. Dated 1980.

No 2 pieces are the same! Listed here.

ITEM 5: 1982 Buick Skylark - 1982 Owner's Manual

Skylark Owner's manual from 1980. Almost perfect condition. Free if you can prove you have a showroom condition 1982 Skylark. LISTED HERE.

ITEM 6: 1977 Toyota - Owner's Manual- Celica, FJ40, etc

Toyota owner's manual from 1977. Great condition. The first "Next Service" tab has been removed. The rest are there. The front page is filled out with the owner's and car info. This was for a 77 Celica, purchased at Melody Toyota in San Bruno, CA by "Vazzo" of Belmont, CA. Key # K3917, VIN RA24-095890. However, this seems to not be specific to a model, and shows the entire line-up on one page. LISTED HERE.

ITEM 7: 1971 to 78 Toyota Celica Haynes Manual, ST GT Liftback

Spine is lightly creased but this book looks barely used! LISTED HERE.

ITEM 8: 2 VW Books (as cheap as I could list them, for the VW nation!)

 A deal for my VW friends... LISTED HERE.

ITEM 9: Lot of Mercedes-Benz books (5) 450 SCL, 380SL, 350, 450

5 items:

1. "Operation and Care of 380SL tops": dealership brochure. Great shape. Dated 1983.

2. "450 SL 450 SLC Maintenance Booklet" Can't find a date but maybe 1973ish? Perfect shape. Nothing removed or damaged.

3. "450 SL 450 SLC Owner's Manual" Can't find a date but maybe 1973ish? Almost perfect shape. very slight lifting of the laminate along the spine, but you need to hold it to the light to see it.

4. 1958-1978 Clymer book. Great shape.

5. 350 & 450 1971 thru 1980 haynes book. Great shape. A few very small scuffs here and there, but nothing bad at all.



Shoot, and just last week I got rid of our low-mileage '82 Skylark because (among other things) it was missing the owner's manual.


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