Monday, August 22, 2011

My dad, the collector of almost everything...

A little over a month ago, my dad was featured in his local paper (northern Michigan) in a section called, "Diversions". It highlighted several real collectors and one tool who collected wine. My dad was featured because of his latest obsession - old boat motors. He started collecting them about 10 years ago, and has quite a collection. Most he doesn't keep at their house, but a few have made it inside and are on display.

I learned something from the article - that my dad collects spark plugs. When confronted with this learning, he hesitated and then said, "Well, I guess you could say that I do. I have a couple hundred." I guess so.

A few bad editing errors aside (no judgement here, I make them all the time!), they even managed to get the VW "camp-overs" that his son is involved in. This has yet to result in any VW camper leads in Northern Michigan, but his son in California is keeping his fingers crossed.

So. Apple. Tree. I'm my father's son. I wonder if Oak, my son, will follow us. My older brother doesn't care for old things at all. Perhaps just as influenced by my dad, but the opposite direction?

Anyhow.... If anyone has some early boat motors - "tell them real early, like up 'til the 30s" my dad says - drop me an email (bigbluevw at gmail dot com). That dude has been known to buy boat motors all over the country and use visiting his son as an excuse to pick them up! So sell my dad a motor on the west coast. It will be good to have him visit.

Here's the article:


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