Monday, August 8, 2011

Forever Stoked...

We visited the Forever Stoked booth at High Sierra Music Festival and dug their art.

Cribbed from their site (almost word for word):
Forever Stoked officially started in 1999 when Charlie Clingman and Chris Pedersen met for the first time on a small dusty island off the coast of Baja California. They were there to surf, but the 16 year olds soon learned that they had something else in common. After returning from a morning surf, the two were relaxing in their bunks, when someone started adding to the existing drawings on the walls. This would become an obsession, and the walls were soon covered from floor to ceiling with all kinds of wacky stuff. Surfing, laughing with good friends, and art – the fires were lit. 

Leaving the island, Charlie and Chris had no idea their passion for surfing and art would take on a life of its own. Around 1997 Charlie received a Holiday card from Chris. It was handmade and featured a Surfin’ Santa on the front, with the words “Cancel Christmas – Santa’s Surfing!” The following year’s card was a perfect surf spot with a Christmas tree and presents on the beach. Charlie like the cards so much, he recommended that Chris reproduce them and sell them. 

They were both actively pursuing their art careers at the time and the card idea sounded good. The two became business partners and got started. Their company needed a name and Forever Stoked was born. What started as a simple greeting card company has now grown into a full fledged art company. People seem to embrace the name and really enjoy the art. 

Over the years Charlie and Chris have brought on other artists, mostly good friends, to join the Forever Stoked crew, and are looking forward to including more. They now offer a wide variety of products ranging from stickers and t-shirts to museum quality limited edition prints and of course original paintings. So from a spark ignited over twenty years ago, these artists continue to create with passion and stoke the fires of creativity.

We especially liked their artwork that was of places we had been in California. Like this painting of Treebones below...

They had a few paintings with VWs in them...

But most of the interesting stuff is a cosmic-Dali sort of take on an idealized California/Island existence. These would not only make bold statements while hanging in your home, but may take you further. Switch on a black light, have a toke and see what happens...

You can find them at



Love that artwork. Great story behind those guys. Keep spreadin' the good!

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