Friday, August 26, 2011

8-26-11 - week in review - Shastastic!

Mt Shasta (the city at the base of the mountain of the same name) is 267 miles – almost 5 hours – away from our hometown of Petaluma. I know this because last weekend, EP, Oak and I headed up there with some friends for the weekend. And, while this distance is made longer by both hitting Friday afternoon traffic out of town and having a 9 month old in the car, the trip was totally worth it.

We had been through this area before on our epic 2009 Big Blue adventure to Oregon. But we didn’t stop then (except in the town of Weed, for obvious reasons) so the area was new for us. It certainly conjures images of old classic California vacations. I felt like we should be wearing plaid shirts and carrying a fishing creel and rod in the back of a 1960s road king station wagon. Pipe in mouth!

Plus we were hooked up with a great house (which, with it’s A-frame design, seemed to fit in with the classic California vacation feeling the area has).

I started the vacation how I start all vacations, looking for VWs, used bookstores and antique stores. But it didn’t take long at all to forget about that. The area is fantastic. And between Oak and the other couple’s child napping, we managed to hit the brewery in Weed (I recommend the Mountain High) and The Goat Tavern. If you had to choose one, hit the goat. The hamburger sucked but the outdoor back eating area combined with a pitcher of beer will do wonders to make you forget about it.

The picture below is not of Mount Shasta.

Below, our modern vacation cruiser. When the trip is not part of the journey...

The place where we were staying shall not be disclosed. But it was off the path. And the path that it was on proved to be a constant expedition. The first morning, I took Oak for a long walk in his super off-road stroller. Probably the only time we really needed it. Because Oak and I took some changes in an effort to see the area. Short of getting ourselves into snake areas, we were shown a world of sleeping cars throughout our walk.

The picture below is of Mount Shasta.

These are the type of things you see and it baffles you. Or me at least. How can someone have these cars sitting on there land and not want to fix them? Or sell them? This guy in the picture above was obviously working on his cars…

But more we saw were like the photos below. Cars sitting in the edge of the woods. Sometimes, I would miss them walking one way and on the way back think, my god, how did I not see that chrome the first time by?

A local dog named Junior joined Oak and I on our walk both days. Here he is in what seemed to be his favorite spot. The about-to-catch-the-kicked-pinecone spot...

Below, someone's future project:

Another of Junior...

Had I been alone and wearing hiking boots rather than flip flops, I’d have some interior photos to share. But getting close to some of these was blackberry or snake pit landmine area.

Really, only one interesting VW piece turned up. This hidden fiberglass dune buggy body. Really interesting nose design. I thought this was an old paddle boat from afar. I have to wonder what it is doing here. It doesn’t look used! A buggy unfulfilled.

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