Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oregon 2009 - Trip in review - All links and video!

Thanks for sticking with us through the long process of documenting our Oregon trip in Big Blue. It was a fantastic trip in an area of America we had not explored before. Doing the trip in the bus made it even more relaxing.

"Big Blue's Oil Stains - a visual history of Big Blue put against a Google map, has been updated. Below is a summary of the trip:

- Initial report - good to be home!
- Rain in Ashland, Oregon
- Camping almost alone at Emigrant Lake Campground
- Jacksonville and wine country
- Camping on the Rogue River at Almeda Park
- Getting warm in Grants Pass and seeing a huge stash of VW buses
- Barely hitting the Oregon Vortex but hanging out in Downtown Medford
- the relaxing nature of Natural Bridge Campground
- The chilly edge of Crater Lake
- Camping right outside of - and checking out downtown - Bend!
- McKenzie Pass and the wonders of the top of the world
- Hot springs and meeting up with old friends
- Acting like college kids in Eugene
- Camping at Sunset Bay near Coos Bay
- Trying to keep up with PRE near Coos Bay (and seeing Bandon)
- Meeting Brian - a VW collector

We hope to head southwest - Arizona, Nevada - next year and do the same sort of report, so if you have any recommendations, please email them to bigbluevw (at)

-Brett & EP



Wow, excellently done you guys--I've really enjoyed the extensive travel journal!

Ludwig's Drivers

Nice. And arrrgggh, you beat me to it! I've been steadily making a map for each of our trips but have yet to "formally" debut this feature on our blog. Great minds think alike, I guess.

Big Blue's Driver

Thanks guys.

whc03grady - I had been meaning to do it for a while but for some reason I can't get the code to insert pictures to work correctly when I am using my mac. My new job provided me with a PC so I had a chance to update it in my spare time. When I look at the map I realize that the bus needs to head south next time...

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