Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Blue Campsite Review: Natural Bridge Campground Near Prospect, Oregon

At this point in our trip, we were getting less "city" and more "country" in our journey. Having left Medford bound for Crater Lake, we stopped for the night at the Natural Bridge Campground near Prospect, Oregon. We rolled in late and found a spot right along the Upper Rogue River. The campground has a few sites right along the river and those seem to be the first to go as there was only 2 other campers and they had set up right along the river as well.

The river spots are rewarding, though, as we explored the next morning.

The sites were clean and the place was perfect for the time we were there.

The cool thing about the Natural Bridge campout, is the Natural Bridge. There is a spot where the Rogue River disappears under the ground for a short distance. There is a very short and easy hike to go back to see it. It's pretty cool.

Down the road a little further, another park has a trail back to a "gorge". It's not huge, but it is pretty cool and worth the short hike back to it. Kinda looks like a Bob Ross painting.


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