Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Blue Campsite Review: Emigrant Lake Recreation Area near Ashland, Oregon

It is important to remember that our experience while camping in Oregon was done in early October. I'm thinking that Emigrant lake (a Jackson County Park) is not as calm and empty during the summer. There is a waterslide, if that is any indication. It closed October 15th, so we were there in the final days.

But I have to say, if I lived close by, I would spent the first 15 days of October here every year. Aside from the rain, the park was quiet, bathrooms were amazingly clean (we would find that this is true of all Oregon parks) and it was cheap ($18.00/night, which would be one of the more expensive places in Oregon).

In all, a fantastic place to stay just a few miles outside of Ashland.

VW bus drivers should definitely try for the "Campground" rather than the RV park.

Rain the next morning.

The only other camper in the entire park. A Eurovan out getting it in before season's close. Good to see.



Aren't Oregon campsites awesome?. Looks like you guys had a really nice trip.

Big Blue's Driver

Minnie - It reminded me a little of camping in Maine in the fall.

We don't really get the falling leaves and that fall feeling here in California. Oregon had it and it was a nice change.


Oregon camping was luxurious compared to CA - squeeky clean bathrooms, hot water, FREE showers, cheap-cheap-cheap campsites that were usually quite secluded...loved it!

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