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Hall of Shame - A new weekly post and the story behind it...

There is a story behind this new, "Hall of Shame" thing I will share with you now on every Sunday. The whole things started with an innocent email exchange with PJAlau over at Elementhis blog.

On september 1, 2009, at 12:06 PM, [PJAlau] wrote:
Bug o Rama?

I'm thinking about heading up there... You interested? I've got Saturday and Sunday free, I have no problem stopping by in Petaluma, picking you up, and heading out there. I was thinking a one day trip - no need to spend the night.


To which I replied:
Ah, we are heading out on a 3-day camping trip in Blue to nor cal. I never know why they do bugorama on Labor Day! Totally would have gone if we were planning on camping.

You going to finnon? I took that Friday off to head up early...

PJAlau replied:

I'll be there. I'm travelling most of September, made sure I was going to be back for that one. If you need me to find anything for you, let me know.

I thought about this awhile. What could I make Peter do for me that could be potentially embarrassing? Then it hit me. I sent this email back:
Subject: Your bugorama mission

Should you choose to accept it...

$30 spending limit on the cheesyist hot vws magazines you can find. The worst covers, girls in Miami Vice-like bathing suits, awful paintjobs, bad conversions. The best of the worst. Should make for good reading and scorn at Finnon...

I didn't hear from PJAlau until the 7th, when I received this email:

Mission Accomplished. $30 worth gets me 20 magazines:
Hot VW's:
June 1993
Nov 1985
Oct 1991
Sept 1979
Nov 1980
Jan 1991
Dec 1980
Apr 1986
Aug 1986
Feb 1994
Sept 1992

VW Trends:
Dec 1989
Jan 1990
Nov 1990
Dec 1985
Feb 1985
Jan 1988
Oct 1990
Mar 1985
Feb 1991

Issues with a Bus on the Cover -7
Issues with scantily clad female on cover - 14
Issues with Neon on Cover - 5
Issues with a WTF? kit car on front - 4
See also: Total Recall - the movie. No seriously...

He delivered the magazines to me at Fall Finnon Fest. Apparently, the idea worked a little as he said he felt foolish digging through stacks of magazines looking for the ones with "chicks" on the cover. Ultimately, the joke was on me. Because I use the scanner at my office for this stuff and that was embarrassing.

So, I now add, a "Hall of Shame" (if anyone has better ideas for a name, let me know. The well ran dry when I was thinking about this). Every Sunday I will post a picture of cringe-worthy cars or events or ads.

Below, as a kick-off to the Hall of Shame, January 1988 VW Trends (which, it turns out, is much worse that Hot VWs), which features the "Mechanical Maiden" and a well-trimmed model of the era (who looks like she should be on the cover of Guns & Ammo).

Anyway, a small preview of the "hall of shame" period:

I'm not sure why the magazines of the era felt the need to put barely clothed girls on the covers but everyone did (check out a Truckin' Magazine from the early 80s for some interesting stuff).

Don't worry - I'm not denying you the chance to see "ZZ Top's Rad 'Vert!". That post is coming...


PJ Alau

ahhh the 80's. Big hair, "french cut" bikinis, overthetop paint jobs. Neon. Weird pointless swirling things. I'd like to say I miss it, but I really don't.

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We are easing in...

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