Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VWs of.... Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach is an odd sort of place that sits on the edge of the Sulton Sea, in the desert east of Palm Springs. It's a crazy out-of-the-way place that attracts its fair share of people coming just to see it. EP and I are not immune, so we checked it out last spring on a non-vw vacation. We saw a good deal of VWs in this forgotten little community. So, below, I present to you, VWs of Bombay Beach:



It's a flared-fender jamboroo! I think if I ever have a Beetle, it'll be a baja. One that I can just beat with impunity.
Did you ever find out how the Salton Sea was formed? It's pretty funny.


Big Blue's Driver

I did a little research on the Salton Sea prior to going, but much more after we got back as it was very interesting. There is a good movie about it:

Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea

We also hit Salvation Mountain, which was beyond interesting.

I really love that area down there.

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