Monday, December 28, 2009

Hemmings articles and Meyers Manx and Porsche 356

A few interesting things of note in the latest issues of Hemmings Motor News.

October's issue had a report on the cost of a Porsche 356. Funny thing is that I read this about a day after our friend, Frog, said she wanted one and we went and looked at some VW-based knock-offs. She concluded she wanted a real one. I concluded, after reading this, that she is about 8 years too late.

Click on the image for a readable size.

This month's Hemmings had a article on the Meyers Manx, which I have posted about before. I really dig these cars. And, at say, $8000 for a great example of one, I think Frog should re-think her 356 desires.

Click on the image for a readable size.



Story of my life BV. I guess better late than never. I think I will keep it on my wish list!


I interviewed a guy a few weeks ago who owns a Meyers Manx and he's looking to sell it.

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