Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Blue Campsite Report: Sunset Bay, near North Bend OR

We rolled into Sunset Bay State Park past dark. We had come a long way, so we didn't mind being surrounded by RVs. We even considered one of the yurts that the Oregon State Park system has put into some of their campsites. We didn't. We found a spot in the back as fog was rolling in and the place took on a quiet, hazy feel.

We made a fire, some food and then decided to carve a pumpkin that had been riding with us a few days. It was a few weeks before Halloween, but we thought we would give the campground a little Halloween cheer.

The next day we got a look at the shore we had driven by in the dark.

The campground isn't getting back to nature, but it is close to Coos Bay and on the coast. And, while there are a ton of spots with RVs jamming in, the sites have a decent amount of cover between them. Not perfect, but not bad.


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