Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Blue Visits: brian_az1 of theSamba

Just south of Bandon, OR, we passed a VW convertible on the side of the road with a for sale sign in it. I swung around, hoping that someone had wheeled it out moments before with horribly low asking price.

Turned out the price was fair, but no awesome deal. While I was looking at it, a guy came from behind the fence, saw Big Blue and said, "I thought I heard a VW pull up."

Turned out this guy is Brian_az1 from the Samba. He and his 2 dogs, "Westy" and "Bay" took me back to his workshop to share some projects he was working on.

Below was a bus he had just painted the day before...

A Thing he was just starting:

And he had a bunch of "parts" buses, including a Riv...

It is always cool how other VW owners are willing to talk about VWs and take the time to show off some of their projects. Brian couldn't have been nicer and it was fun meeting him.


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