Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Blue - 2009 Year in Review Video

2009 was a great year for travels with Big Blue. We had some short quick trips, some long trips, some trips with friends and some trips by ourselves. It was the year that VW Camper Family really got their organizing act together and established communication and started to create some annual campouts that we can all plan on in the future.

We look forward to cover a few more miles in 2010. Our big annual roadtrip in October looks like it will be to the southwest - Arizona and Nevada. Hopefully, we'll run into some of the people we have met through Twitter, the Facebook page and this blog. If you know of any spots to see, let me know at bigbluevw (at)

Here's a look back at the year...



To think it all started back in Rio Vista in January! Look how far we've come!


OK, way cool! Clearly BigBlu has found a perfect home (which I've known for a while).

Thanks for all the great updates during 2009.

I hope I can see the old bus on the road sometime in 2010.



Hey guys! I have to admit, I haven't been able to keep up with your blog as of late, but it looks like you had a sweet 2009. Cheers to an amazing 2010 on the road with Big Blue! If you make it to the roads of Arizona, we really enjoyed and highly recommend Bisbee, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and Chiricahua National Monument. Flagstaff was pretty cool, too, with a lot of small National Parks/Monuments nearby. Of course, you can't miss the Grand Canyon ... and if you feel like venturing into southern Utah, check out Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the city of Kanab with the Best Friends Pet Rescue. P.S. Valentina has a baby brother now --- a Honda Element. Let us know if you're ever in South Florida!

Big Blue's Driver

WestyWoman - Can't wait to add more to the adventure. This year, Train Spotting!

Monty - we plan on heading down your way, I promise. I'll be sure to give you enough notice so we can relax and you can have a beer with your old friend.

ExoticDVM - Thanks for the tips! Don't know when we will cross paths again, but I'm guessing we will.

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