Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Blue and Oak

So, we have moved Big Blue into his parking spot, which is RV access into our backyard. It's nice as I have been unloading a year's worth of accumulated items (year old chardonnay for example) and repacking everything. Big Blue may even be washed soon! And, having Big Blue in the backyard has introduced Oak to a whole new level of playhouse entertainment. he has always been a fan of using the bus as his playground, but now he is in it all the time. The other day I found him trying to climb up the back bumper to get in the back hatch. 

Here are some pictures of Big Blue getting settled in and Oak enjoying the new clubhouse:



Cool signage! My daughter is the same way, she loves that bus, and so do all her friends. Kids that grow up around VW buses, grow up to be the cool kids.

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