Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Blue's box of VW donuts...

This week there was some great stuff out there in the VW universe. Two of our favorite VW bus bloggers camped last weekend sharing pictures. First up, Ludwig was back on the road celebrating an anniversary. check out the photo below and head to Ludwig & Gertie's Adventures for the whole story.

And The Pig & family got at least one more camping trip in before the end of the season which is nearing for them. Tons of great photos on the blog at

Cool picture of The Pig below:

On Big Blue's Facebook page, we were asked this question by an old VW diehard Erin Patters which is way out of our league:

Hey there,

I hope this isn't a bother, but I had a question I'm looking for some experienced opinion on...

We have gas leaking into my oil at a swift rate. Reason unknown!

We've give an all the seals/valves/floats, snyc... the dual carbs (dual websters) we've checked the fuel pump, spark plugs, checked for leaks, all the basic stuff
. The only thing we can't do in the emission tests to see if shes running rich, since we don't have the 02 tester here in Germany.

Is there something else anyone has ever heard of that can cause this?

Anyone able to help here? Seems like Erin has done a good deal of what they should do to track down the issue.

Another post to the Facebook page brought us some joy:

Seriously - most of the stickers we send out we never see again. It's awesome that people are willing to spread the word. It's making the world smaller. Thanks to Beth and Josh for sharing.

Thanks to The Samba for sharing a link to some vintage Porsche factory photos. Check them all out at


And, want to waste more time feeding your love for VWs? This is an great story:

"What Yellow Bug?" from Alan Shortall on Vimeo.
The above is a clip from a film about  Jeff Spencer and "Spencer's Home for Battered Bugs". Please send any and all photos and newsclips about Jeff, the shop and his loyal customers to filmmaker Alan Shortall via email:


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