Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Blue's swirling world of VW-ism

First, a photo sent to us from Pat T. This was one of a few he sent taken on his trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2009. We'll share more on the Facebook page, but doesn't this look nice?:

Our friends at Vintage Surfari Wagons shared this video of The Staves, who recently traveled by VW bus across the country. Watch for their buses making cameos. Sounds like good roadtrip music!

Over at Laura's '79 Westy, she shared pictures of High Country Bus Festival 16 which took place in North Carolina. Below are some pictures. How awesome of a time does this look like? The 2nd one down was apparently a wedding. Way cool!

I am more than a little jealous of the beard above. I've had mine long - like, abnormally long - but never this long. A thing of beauty!

And, over at The Air Cooled Pig, Haiku is present in a familiar scene to all VW bus drivers. Read his Haiku here. His picture is below:

 This is the stuff we love to read. Let us know as you find more cool VW stuff on the web at bigbluevw at gmail dot com.

Happy VW-ing!



HA HA! I love this post. That beard is a thing of beauty, and I have not seen a pack of Newports since the 90's. Thanks for including me!

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