Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photos from Nor Cal Bus Fest 8

The scene.

Last weekend I drove (the modern car) about 45 minutes to Antioch, CA (East Bay area of San Francisco) to check out Bus Fest 8. The event is only 4 years old, but they do 2 a year, so there have been a lot of them quickly. This was the first time it was at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds. It was my second Bus Fest (Big Blue made it to Bus Fest 6) and I was disappointed they moved it as I now live about 20 minutes from where it used to be!
Anyway, there were some cool buses. Here are some photos from the show...

The scene:



Love that Ying Yang Steal Your Face on the table. Loos like there was some amazing things to look at.

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