Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1966 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

As some of you know, EP and I have been searching for a early 60s VW bug, to give Blue a break from the new commute. Last night, I almost fell out of my chair at this VW posted on Craigslist: A a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible for $4100. A great deal as it was completely restored.

I emailed immediately, saying that we could come look at it today. Below are pictures of the car:

Pretty nice, right? Well, I think this was the first scam I found on Craigslist. See the email below that I got back (note the time it was sent to me).

When I responded, saying I was still interested, and asked where the car was located, I got this:

So I went to the website, Dependable Shippers that "she" leads me to, which seems pretty bootleg (bad design, some of the links don't work). I emailed them to ask about the legitimacy of the claim that there is a '66 VW in the possession and that they will deliver it. As of now, I haven't heard anything. The thing is, I had to sign in (which I did using a password that was never anything I had used before).

The ad is now off Craigslist. I'm still trying to figure out if the shipping company website is the scam, or if the sale is a scam and the shipping company is innocent. Any guesses? Not sure how they can take my money or identity as they only have my address (and email and name if you assume the seller and shipping company are the same thing). I guess anyone could get that. I am curious how these things work (and hope I don't find out the hard way).


PJ Alau

It's a scam. That simple. If you can't see it, change title hands in person, and shake the persons hand, it's a scam. no need to look any farther.

I've only run across 2 on craigslist so far.

in a weird way, I'm glad to see that simple face to face transactions are still the most reliable way to ensure that something is done right.

bummer, it was a great looking car.

Ludwig's Drivers

A Nigerian prince might as well have been "selling" it.
My parents ran across something similar when they were looking for a new car last month. Scam.


It's definitely a scam. I emailed them and got a reply back from a different woman. Barbara Newsome. Screw these people. I hope they get run over by a volkswagen. LOL!!!!


Ditto here. I just received the same email you did, and it stank of scam, so I googled "66 Beetle" and found your blog here, which I thank you for posting. I do wonder how many people they've hooked, who wire them $5500 (the asking price in the craigslist ad I responded to) and then wait ... and wait ... and wait for their bug to arrive.


We actually believed this scam too. It all turned out exactly as it did for you, every detail except the shipping company was called Alfa Movers. Right now, it is listed here:



I found this post on craig's list for Roswell NM. $5500.00, it seemed to good to be true.


Unbelievable it was. I would have walked there to pick it up, but it disappeared on craigslist. Then I found Big Blue's post and now I know why. It was/is a beauty.


Definitely a scam - we emailed her too and her name was Anna Marie Edwards, slightly different twist to the story, as she said she would meet with us in Edmonton but we needed to provide our postal code to be approved by the Kijiji Vehicle Protection Program." I think this person is not very bright actually - you only need to know how to read to know that Kijiji does not have any involvement in a buyer protection program and recommends you only exchange payment locally....


And I forgot to mention she actually sent me a web-link to the "protection program" that doesn't exist....

I just wanted to ensure everyone sees this so they aren't taken in - it looks very legit until you go onto the terms and conditions of Kijiji.

It's too bad - as pj alau says, "it was a great looking car." Sigh....


Thanks for posting this scam. I also saw the ad and forwarded it to a friend who fell in love with it. Good thing it was across the country from us.


I am SO GLAD you posted this because we recently had the same exact ad pop-up on Craiglist this past Saturday (November 15th). I received a message from a woman saying it was her husband's and it only brings bad memories - thing is, her name in the email I received is "Jessica Spencer" and she's in Baton Rouge, LA. The price of the car is also $4100 (the same as the posting you mentioned) and she says she can get shipping for practically free. The listing ID is: 920314283 and I can't seem to find it now.

Another odd thing is that we were searching for VW's in the Los Angeles area, nothing out of state either. Hm. Bummer because it's a beautiful car in the pics.


I also exchanged messages with a the message from her (?) below:

Hello and thanks for taking and interest in my 1966 VW Beetle. The car is located in Baton Rouge LA with 1800 miles on board, in excellent running and body condition, no flaws on it or any other mechanical problems and it has no accident or any engine problem. This was my husband's car who passed away 4 months ago, it only brings me bad memories. It has a clear title and it will be signed on your name as soon as the payment will be completed.
The price is $4,100 including shipping. My husband worked for a shipping company and I can arrange that almost free. There are no other costs regarding this transaction.

The deal will go strictly according to Craigslist rules and policy to start the official transaction, I need to know your full name to start the official transaction.

If I receive the requested information you will be informed by Craigslist during the next 12-24 hours.

Thank you
Jessica Spencer

I was really hoping that this would be the case of a estate sale, with a nice little old lady trying to get rid of a heartache... but, as a friend says, even crooks get old...


I nearly fell out of my chair too. I had just paid $3,500 for a '66 in good shape when i saw this ad on CL in Denver. Mine is not nearly as nice as nor is it a convertible...but i thought this must be a scam. It's been posted a few times. I will flag it next time i see it, now i know it's fake.


Children, children, children, if it is too good to believe DO NOT BELIEVE IT! I owned a 1966 racer green VW convertible in 1967 (so I am that "little old lady"). If it was a 66 in good condition with low milage it would be $28,000! There is so much changed on this car it is a joke.

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