Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Blue's history & mile by mile info

Please note this post will be updated as we find out more information about the car.

The story:
The car was built in either late December 1962 or Early January 1963. Later in 1963, Jack Ray Vaughn of San Jose, California purchased the car from Val Strough [note: Val Strough might not have been a VW dealer, and may have been a used car dealer. Hopefully I will learn more]. The car is a deluxe 1200 turquoise sedan. In 2008, he passed, leaving his car, which he drove for 45 years, but put only 79,000 (what we were told) miles on it, to his family. His grandson, Kody, listed the car on craigslist, when we bought it (6/21/2008).

Original Craigslist ad.

Mile by mile history:
0 (sometime before 1963) - bought at Val Strough.
74609 (7/6/2005) - Adj valves, change oil, clean filter ($137.82)
xxxxx (9/14/2005) - Repair & reupholster the front seats
xxxxx (10/3/2005) - New rear bumper from Bugformance in Sunnyvale ($140.61)
xxxxx (10/4/2005) - Left & right lower door (rust) Repair dent in left door. Scuff and primer only. Bumper exchange. ($700)
75225 (10/6/2005) - repaint left door jam only ($621.55)
76968 (6/21/2006) - grage1auto cleans battery area, new battery ($119.36)
79510 (6/21/2008) - Sold to the BVEP
xxxxx (7/19/2008) - rebuild carb added, tuned. Check tire pressure, fixed windshield wiper.
xxxxx (9/7/08) - oil change, fixed gas cap gasket, new fuses.


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