Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picking up Yet-to-be-named VW bug

Our new 1963 VW 1200 Sedan.

We went down to Cupertino on Saturday to pick up our new 1963 VW Sedan from the seller, Kody Macaulay. We had a camping trip planned for this weekend along time ago, so we picked up the bug on the way. EP drove us down in the Hybrid and then she followed me to the East Bay, where we met up with some friends for some camping. We were quick to show the bug what its new lifestyle would be like.

The car ran great the entire time. Although, now that I drove it back home, I'm not moving it until I get a chance to go over the fuel lines and replace them. I noticed that they looked a little worn, so that's first on the list

I'll be working on the history over the next few days, going through the car for any bits of history. Here, though, are some pictures from the camping trip this weekend...

EP and the new car.

Kody (on the right) was the grandson of the original owner.

They gave us some lock that locks the gas pedal and has a large wrap for the steering wheel.

At the campsite in Anthony Chabot Regional Park near Castro Valley in the East Bay.

EP driving it around the campsite.

The campsite.

Today we went fishing on our way home from camping.

The road home.



So, you now have Little Blue.

Looks just the car with which I learned to drive, except Mom's was tan.


PJ Alau

Baby Blue? BB? It's damn cute. Color me green.


Ludwig's Drivers

That is a really sharp Beetle. Mitch likes the black wheels. Melissa says it looks like it was a better deal than the bogus Craigslist deal.
We're sure you're going to have a lot of fun with it like we did ours (Mitch drove a '71 Standard ("Margaret") for a while). Is it your new commuter?
(Hi to Peter!)
Ludwig's Drivers

Ludwig's Drivers

Melissa wants to see pictures of the interior. Please? Is it white?
L's Ds.

Big Blue's Driver

We'll get some interior pics up soon, but it is white (although the front seats were re-done and they are a bit off). It will share most of the commuter duties, I'll drive Blue 1 or 2 days a week to keep him limber.

I just spent 2 hours driving around looking for 7/32 inch hose to replace the fuel line without luck. Hitting the local VW place (Viking) in the A.M.

I sent an email to the grandson to see if the guy who owned it ever gave it a name. We'll see.

Babs - you have any old pictures of that tan one you learned to drive in?

Thanks for checking in everyone. Still pissed we missed Maupin...


Nice man, she's a beauty. I had a 60 sedan right after I rolled my first bus. They're infectious!

Be sure to get the correct German braided fuel hose! Have fun!

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