Wednesday, June 4, 2008

VWs of Mexico

We returned from a week long vacation in Mexico last Monday and I have some pictures of VWs to share. First of all, when I first got there I was trying so hard to take pictures of all the VWs I saw, but soon realized that they are EVERYWHERE down there. Here are a bunch I took:

Note: Many of them had the grill on the front. I'm a little confused because they sounded like air-cooled engines...

These are the Mexican-built Bugs. There is something very odd about the headlights on these cars.

One of my Favorites.

Now this bus was interesting - I'm pretty sure it was a German-built Westfalia. See the website on the back (pic below). It's a Volkswagen club in Costa Rica! Click here for the site.

Many of the cars down there have these odd sun visor tinting on the windows.

This bus was obviously owned by some VW fans. We saw them later and they were certainly hippies and certainly ex-pats. There were VW stickers all over the inside, including one from HOT VWs, although I'm guessing this guy will never be featured in their magazine.

Looks like the front has been "fixed" at some point. I'm kinda jealous.

A close-up of the badge on the grill. Not sure what it is.

The only other "German" looking bus I saw.


Ludwig's Drivers

They're water-cooled alright. I assume they sound like air-coolers because they're horizontally opposed and that is what generates that classic V-dub sound, not their air-cooledness. Notice that Subarus will sometimes fool you into thinking they're a VW when they're in need of a tune.
Are you guys definitely not going to Maupin Oregon for the VW thingy?

Ludwig's Drivers

Of course, I might be wrong about all that. But whatever engine they have, it's water-cooled.

Big Blue's Driver

Yeah - looks like the weekend of the Oregon thing will be the one weekend in a while I can actually get some work done on the bus. I have to finish the wood on the doors and get the speaker holes cut so I can get the stereo working. At first, traveling without music was rather relaxing, letting me enjoy the escape, but I'm ready for some tunes.

You thinking about going?

Ludwig's Drivers

Yeah, we're going (barring any disasters). See you guys next year, maybe?

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