Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuel Filter and fuel line done... next? Lights!

I managed to get the fuel line replaced after having a hell of a time finding the right size fuel line. Since it's metric (I think it's supposed to be 5mm?) I had to take the pin out of the carb and use that as a guide to buy fuel line. Kinda freaks me out a little as that pin pulls right out with some pressure!

We spent all night Monday night driving around looking at auto parts stores like AutoZone, Kragen and Pep Boys, only to run out of time before they closed. On Tuesday morning I got up, drove 2 blocks to a Napa Auto Parts store and found the right size tube without an issue. I'm glad to get it done as the more I looked at the old lines (you can see them below) the more I considered it lucky that we didn't leak fuel from them on the ride home.

Taking off the old set-up.

The connecting pin from the carb.

Click on this picture to see the questionable cracks in the old line.

Click on this picture to see the questionable cracks in the old line. This picture makes me dizzy when I look at my feet. Too much information?

New set-up in place.

Gratuitous engine shot!

Tomorrow, I am hitting Viking Foreign Auto Parts in Novato, which is a VW shop, for some 6-volt replacement bulbs and, with any luck, a replacement tray for my taillight which I broke while trying to fix on Tuesday night. If I can get the lights working correctly, we'll have a fully operation 1963 VW bug to head to dinner in Saturday night...

This is the piece I need to replace - from the driver's side taillight.

There should be a little plastic piece that hold the silver and black lines and secures the bulb in. This is what broke when I was trying to get it to connect better to the bulb.

Original stamping on the taillight tray.

Amazing the amount of stuff on this thing that is original. The side markers have taken a few hits from stones in their days, the taillights are used, but all of it is original German!



Brett, that inlet on the carb is NOT supposed to pull out like that. It's a common problem that can lead to a burn down! Pull it out and coat the end of the outer diameter (don't obstruct the hole) with a small amount of JB weld. 5 min job but very important.

Big Blue's Driver

Thanks. I was going to ask Bryan at Viking about it. Seemed wrong to me. Thanks for the tip, I'll get on it in the morning...

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