Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adding one to the stable...

Well, they say you can never have just one VW.

Last night, we shook hands with a 20-year old in Cupertino who was selling his grandfather's 1963 bug. I'll be posting more details when I get them, (and, renaming the blog?) but the story goes like this. His grandfather bought the car new in 1963 from a dealer here in the SF area, and drove it about 78,000 miles over the next 45 years.

About 4 months ago, he was unloading groceries from the bug and died of a heart attack. That tragedy aside, the bug is almost rust free (a little rust in the pan behind the driver's seat). And hasn't been cut up, which was a requirement. At some point it was re-sprayed, but the paint job isn't terrible. And it is clean! And runs like a brand new car.

The car is still in his grandfather's name, so he is doing the paperwork with the DMV and we'll go down and pick up the bug in the next week or so...

I was so busy checking for rust and crawling underneath it that I failed to take pictures. So, below is the original ad on craigslist:


PJ Alau

Nice! Let me know if you need to see my uncle for a once over on the engine.

Big Blue's Driver

I may take you up on that. According to the mom, the engine was rebuilt about 3 years ago, which means it's been about 3000 miles since the rebuild. It sounded strong. I plan on doing a quick valve check and timing check before driving it up from South Bay to home. Should be an interesting first trip...

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