Monday, September 22, 2008

9-20-08 - Vacaville VW show

I left home Saturday in Little Blue (as Big Blue is in the shop, post to come later) to do some camping with some local VW guys (post to come). On the way, I swung into the Vacaville Volkswagen-sponsored VW show. It was right off the highway, so I couldn't pass it up.

It was a pretty good showing of VWs. Many of them were the same VWs from Bugorama, but there were a few new ones.

This bus was at Bugorama.

Really cool Ghia that was a high school project.

I think this '71 is just about perfect.

This bus was at Bugorama as well. It took first place there.

The bus below featured a really odd sleeping setup. It was pretty cool. Had been all over...

Inside the sleeping area...

Now, for the winner of the Big Blue's Best of Show award. Big Blue's Best of Show goes to this awesome little time capsule below. A 1950 VW sedan. Really cool original condition. It was awesome to see it so old and still surviving...

How hot would these seats be? I'd hate to be stuck in traffic in the heat sitting in these...

Post on the camping that followed to come...



Those are Swedish plates on the 50's bug and the red "M" emblem with the 3 crowns represent the National Auto Club. Looks sweet.

Ludwig's Drivers

The carb on that '50 is crazy simple. It looks like it's basically a pipe with a valve on it (I guess that's really all a carb is anyway).


Was that '71 Westy for sale?? Oh man, that looked pretty....

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