Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bugorama 62

My VW interest over the last two years has consisted of rubbernecking on the highway, taking pictures of VWs when I find them in parking lots or on roadtrips, and scoping antique stores for VW related items. So you can imagine the overload my VW senses felt on Sunday when I went to Bugorama 62, in Sacramento. Up until the show, the most VWs I had seen at once was at Paul's shop or camping with the local bus guys. So you can imagine my state of mind when pulling into the parking lot on Sunday - I mean, the parking lot was full of VWs which had not even gone inside of the show.

I had heard about Bugorama in the spring (it happens twice a year) from Paul at Valley Wagonworks. Paul goes every time to, as he put it, see who's still alive. I skipped the spring one as I had no idea what to expect, but decided I couldn't miss a show this close to home.

I was glad I went. The swap meet itself it worth going to. T-shirts, patches, old parts, new parts, cars for sale, old VW magazines abound and enough great people watching to keep you entertained for a long time. I knew I was in the VW nation when I heard a 13-year-old boy yell out that the car that had just screamed by on the drag strip was faster than they had run the night before. I saw some serious buses and bugs. Quality restorations and really interesting cars.

Bugorama is billed as the longest running VW event in the world. And there are versions of it in Phoenix, Vegas and Irvine (which I feel like I need to hit next year). It happens twice a year in Sacramento and I already marked my calendar for spring 2009, although this time I think we'll go up on Saturday and camp at the raceway. That way, I can be right in the thick of it when it starts up Sunday morning.

I probably posted too many pictures here, but, trust me, I had to leave many good ones out.


Bugs everywhere.

The bus below was one of the nicest I have ever seen. It was flawless (I guessing trailered in?). A 1955 Samba.

The bug below was for sale: "$5000, runs good"

This blue Bay Window below was an interesting story. The owner had just bought it for $2000 in the shape it was in. He was dropping his kids off at school one morning and drove past this. the guy had just put it out. He bought it immediately. The inside is a really cool layout.

"Built not Bought" on the car below. I think there is some animosity between the old VW people who have been in the hobby for years and us recent VW fans.

EP loved the color on this one. Me? Not so much...

But this one, I liked!

The blue bug above and below was $8000. It was a 1959 with 86,000 original miles.

The pink split window above was actually clipped by another car on the way to the show. You can see it in the front left side if you enlarge the photo. The guy was asking $10,000.

Tons of VWs.

The convertible above and below was a 1955 and the owner was asking $18,500 for it. I didn't think the price was too bad. Note the awesome bullet turn signals on the front.

I know what you are thinking. This thing? But, I'll tell you, it was really impressive. I was, and still am, drawn to it for some odd reason...

I didn't note the year, but the blue bug above was $3400. I like the "VW" on the hubcaps painted black...

EP fell in love with a notchback at the show. I fell in love with this. Light blue Ghia. Oh, man.

I leave you with a short video clip of some of the sight and sounds of Bugorama 62:


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