Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bug Me Videos

About a month ago, I ordered the first 5 volumes of the "Bug Me" video series. Reading the various and many books I have on VW maintenance was fine and fun, but I realize that I am the sort that needs to see something before completely understanding. Going from books, I always have the feeling I missed something.

It turns out that these videos, put out by a place in Ft. Myers, Florida, are fantastic. Admittedly, I have only used the first volume - the one on VW tune ups, but since then I have used it as a guide for everything except brake and carb adjustment (which is next on the list to play with). My oil changes and tune ups over the past 2 weeks have left oil stains on the touch pad of my mac, since I literally watch it, pause it, go do it, then go back and watch it again to make sure I did it right. And usually I did.

The videos have become addictive. I watch them in bed at night - my wife is now sick of the guy's voice, especially since I tend to play certain parts over and over - and have them on while eating breakfast in the morning.

Well done to the guys who did the videos. They are professional looking, and cover everything in detail. They are quickly becoming my go-to for how to do something. If interested, you can find out more details at their website:


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