Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend work and Big Blue getting hit...

This past weekend, the wife was taking a class, so it was drink beer and watch TV or work on the cars. Since we don't have a TV, the option was mute.

I decided to do a bunch of small things to Little Blue. The steering column at the turn signal was loose, making it a two-handed job to use the turn signal. So that was tightened. Also, I was pulled over in Sausalito on Friday night for having a headlight out. This has plagued me for some time, so Saturday I replaced all the fuses and gave each connection a good cleaning with steel wool. Seems to have worked as all lights has run consistently since then.

New gas cap gasket. I think I was losing gas due to evaporation out of the old one...

The old one...

New fuses. 16, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 16. The only ones I know for sure is 4 and 5 are headlights and taillights.

I think the problem was on the back of the fuse box. These were really corroded.

Little Blue got an oil change! My first oil change, ever, I am ashamed to say...

Oil change went well. Now, what to do with the oil...

Big Blue got some work done as well - new taillight seals from Wolfsburg West...

Old vs new.

New seal fit well.

Big Blue has new carpet and new wood waiting for it, so I made the decision to start ripping out the interior. We have a camp out in a week and 1/2. My goal is to have it back in by then, but that might be laughable...

Old fridge will get new wood.

Wrapped in cardboard?

Look at the quality woodwork of the original setup.

Bomber chair gets new wood and might become a speaker.

That hole in the floor is the old drain hole from the water tank.

Man, I could actually fit something in here...

Then, the bad news. Not so bad, but, man, it hurts. I came home last night (in the bug) to see that Big Blue was hit in his parking space. I got out and walked over. The bumper was pushed down and back in the exhaust pipe. The picture below is after I pulled it back up off the exhaust pipe to look for damage.

That black mark on the bumper is the mark of a tire, as is the black mark up on the body. Whose tire? you might ask...

Why, the guy parked next to me! The entire side of his, seemingly new pick up truck, was scraped with blue paint. His shiny rims? Chipped with white paint! Why he would hit me, park next to me, then not leave a note is beyond me. The odd thing is, he was actually walking away from his truck when I walked up. At that point, I assumed it wasn't him or may have happened earlier in the day. He said "hi" to me and kept walking. By the time I realized it was him, he was gone into the apartment complex next door. I don't know where he lives, but it's odd why he acted that way...
This is the damage done to his truck. The pictures don't show it, but there is a scrape/dent running about 5 feet on the back of his truck.

All things considered, it could have been worse. Essentially, Big Blue's bumper was run over by a truck and his corner scraped and all he did was bend some things. I guess I'm not too mad, more baffled... I'm going to take off the bumper this weekend (when I resume woodwork in the bus) and see if the brackets can still be used...


Ludwig's Drivers

I hope you got that guy's tags and took a lot of pictures. You could probably put a bunch of BigBlue's body work on his tab.
Here's your fusebox layout. It looks like there should only be 8 Amp fuses in there: http://www.ratwell.com/technical/Fuses.html

Big Blue's Driver

He's still parked next to me!?! There's really nothing I can do. I'm shocked he hasn't done anything (like wipe the paint off his truck!)

And that fusebox work was on the bug, not the bus. The bus is a mess...

Big Blue's Driver

UPDATE: he wiped the paint off his truck.

Big scrape left, but not big enough...

PJ Alau

Brett, I would seriously take as many pictures as you can, file an insurance claim, and let your insurance company talk to his. Bumpers and brackets are expensive (ask me how I know) and hit and runs have cost me serious dough in the past.


Ludwig's Drivers

Right. I was sloppy in reading the OP. Here's LB's fusebox layout:



People are completely shameless sometimes. I had a guy scrape my bumper last as I walked back to where my bus was parked. He was obviously aware that he hit it, but just smiled and said "Hello". Hello? You hit my car...Thanks. Luckily, it was just a scrape on the bumper. I think sometimes they think we won't care because of the age of our vehicles.

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