Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The one-year anniversary of Big Blue...



Well that was really sweet. You two seem to have a great relationship, and to share the project and be equally excited about Big Blue, that's a rare and precious thing.
You should post the track listing for music used in the video, I'd like to see.
Happy anniversary!

Big Blue's Driver

Thanks for the comments. If I could get EP to do an oil change, we'd be all set...

The music in order or appearance is:

Sky Blue Sky by Wilco
Thirteen by Jeff Tweedy
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service
Tear Stained Eye (a demo version) by Son Volt

Ludwig's Drivers

Happy Paper Anniversary to the three of you!
Ludwig's Drivers.


I saw the birthday video a few months back. I made my wife watch it, and she cried (perhaps b/c she thought I was the only person in the world who hugs my bus). We hope to see you sometime camping or at a show (My wife also loved that pink bus at bug-o-rama).

Big Blue's Driver

Oh, one more song in the video:

Thunder Road by Badly Drawn Boy (a springsteen cover)

Aaron - A few buses are getting together in September for a camping trip. You guys interested? if so, email me at brett (at)

Ludwig, as always, thanks for the well wishes.


Great video bus-umentary on Big Blue! Loved it! Looking forward to meeting you guys as we make our way down the Pacific coast in our '78 bus. Greetings from southeast Alaska!

Marc, Eliana, and "Valentina" the Bus


I really loved this video You experienced many of the same things that I did when I first got my bus. Still learning mechanicals and fixing stuff as time goes by. The time with your bus and your girl is time well spent.

We own a '72 westy. From our bus to yours - Happy Anniversary.


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