Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend work - wiring in the bug...

So this past weekend, I looked at my "to do" list on the bug and took the top two things; Fix the radio and see why the gas gauge light and interior light aren't working. It didn't take me long to find 2 major issues;

Radio wiring.

The picture above shows the wire that should be the power to the radio. Note the in-line fuse. It's cut! So I am currently trying to figure out how it goes back to the fuse box (topic on TheSamba here).

Interior dome light.

The interior light had another obvious problem - no bulb. Which shoots the theory that I had that I thought it had come on for a second one night. Odd. I ordered bulbs for this and the gas gauge light and will get them in this weekend. Once I figure out the radio, the bug is almost back to 100% working condition (I haven't tested the windshield washer system).



Hi, found your site surfing other ones as my wife and I are in the process of enlightening our lives by adopting a westy, good reading man!


Really cool that you are fixing these things yourself. The Samba is a great resource isn't it? We want a ride in Little Blue!

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