Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, the time was coming...

The estimate.

I knew sooner or later, I would have to pay some serious attention to Big Blue's engine. It sat for at least 10 years, and Monty's records indicate it was rebuilt in 1986. Below is his note from then:

"223900 (5/27/86) - Rebuild completed (Exch heads, new pistons & cylinders, camshaft, clutch disc & bearing (kept pressure plated, recond rods). Completed job cost $850.00, nearly 50,000 miles since last rebuild ((12/80) 175450 miles). Use 20w/50 oil, adj all valves to .006"

Since then, it has gone only 40,000 miles, but perhaps the long sitting did some damage? And perhaps it's just time.

So, the rebuild in 1986 cost Monty $850 (with some other things thrown in) and here we are in 2008, 22 years later, and a valve job will cost me about $1650 (with a new exhaust thrown in, after the damage from getting hit). I'm actually thinking that's not too bad, even though it is $150 more than what we paid for the bus (but, isn't everything we do to the bus more than what we paid for it?).

And, while I would love to do the work myself, this is WAY out of my league (this is why you always see buses for sale saying "no engine"). Perhaps, someday, when I get a bigger garage.

Alas, I need to get Big Blue back on the road (hopefully, with increased horsepower!). So we'll fork out the big money, and I'll be eating PBJ sandwiches for the next few months...



We know better than anyone that buses are a money pit! You don't want to know what we've spent in the last 8 months! Ah, it's only money right?

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