Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rich man's VW

This bug has been parked in Sausalito for the 3 years that we have lived here. It hasn't moved. And the odd thing is that we know who the owner is and, like many around us, he is stinking rich. This house overlooks the water in Sausalito, but this is the guy's extra house. He has one a few doors down that he lives in. With his other cars. So my point is, he's got money.

And yet the VW sits. So what's the story? His first car? Perhaps some value in the memory of the bug? Either way, I like that it stays there, in a rich man's 'hood. Mucking up the scenery with it's aging, flat tires.

Someday, when I see the guy, I'll get the full story from him. Interesting thing is that he now, with all his options, drives around a Smart.

Rich man's VW.



The best part about his Smart, is that it is Pepto Bismol pink! That thing is pretty hideous on a good day, but in pink?? Just because you have cash, doesn't mean you know how to shop!

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