Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom and dad meet Big Blue...

With Big Blue still in the shop to have the engine overhauled, my parents were not able to go on a "beach run" as we would have liked. I did stop by The Garage with them to introduce them to an engine-less Big Blue (and talk to Marty, who is overseeing the repairs).

My dad is used to my enthusiasm for hunks of junk (ever since a bad investment in a 1970s-era "Space Age" camper that I bought in Chicago) and I think he was a little scared of what he might see. I believe his fears were calmed and he enjoyed meeting the bus that has taken EP and me on many adventures in our area of the nation... My mom fell in love with a little green bug from the mid-seventies that was parked at the shop. All was well...

Mom and dad and Big Blue.

EP hadn't seen Blue in a while, so she was happy to say hello as well.



Gotta love family reunions.

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