Friday, October 24, 2008

VW toys!

I am not one to generally be drawn to collecting toys. They seem overpriced and, frankly, I don't know which are valuable and which are not. I passed up about 5 different VW toys the last time EP and I were at the Alameda Antique Show and I didn't really regret it. But I came across this guy last week while my parents were here and just fell in love with it...

The EMPI Love Bug at the antique shop.

I bought it and took it home and it turns out that there were about 500 of these produced and they were given to the EMPI distributors. The bug is supposed to be a 1970 modeled after the Inch Pincher, a famous VW drag car put together by the fellas at EMPI.

It is supposed to light up and move (I think), but I put batteries in and nothing happened. Great! Another project...

Notice the "7" and the "o" worked into the paint job.

So, while I was at it, later that day, at a different antique shop, I saw this and figured I had to have it. It's made by Tekno of Denmark from early 1960s.

Note that the bumper is broken.

They will take their place above my work desk next to this cool toy PJAlau gave me. Mmmm.... Perhaps I am drawn to toys.


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