Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage Tuesday! Vintage Vacation #5

Summer 1971.

July 21st, 1971 - Back from Mexico! Have a look at the front end of Elvis fresh from the body shop!

And almost back home. Here are some pictures from coming back in. When I have more time next week I'll share some more pictures from the trip.

Me. Standing in the state of nothing!

Through Nevada headed back to Cali!


Ludwig's Drivers

I might've missed it some time ago, but is this the journal of a real trip, or did you just find the photos and make up the story as you've gone along?

Or is it a secret?


Big Blue's Driver

Made up story. Although I really do think the owner made a run to [somewhere far away] to get the bus repainted and bodywork done. The pictures go in order according to the slide #s, then the bus is repainted and body work done.

Would've liked to know the real story...


I 'heart' Vintage Vacation! I wonder what that guy is up to today and where Elvis ended up. And why Elvis and not Ringo?

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