Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VW on Facebook

For those of you interested, VW has launched a new ad campaign adding a bus (stupidly named "Bus") to it's "Max" campaign (I guess Brooke Shields is out). You can see this annoying work of marketing at Pay particular attention to the "fans" on the wall, who mainly agree that the VW of today sucks.



Thanks for directing me to that site so I could go and say my piece. Do you think they'll start deleting negative posts? I didn't see too many, mostly people suffering under the delusion that a Beetle and a Jetta actually have something in common besides the badge on the hood.

Big Blue's Driver

I'm not sure. When I was on there, There were quite few rants against the company. That was a week or so ago.

I think it's telling that most people on there are talking about the pre-watercooled VWs.

By the way, I liked your post on there.

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