Monday, July 20, 2009

VW as.... first car.

In a previous life, I edited a magazine called, Midnight Mind Magazine. It was a cultural review magazine that ran 6 issues over 3 years, then stopped.

Our third issue was called, "On the Road in America", and for that issue, I asked some authors about their first cars. A few had VWs, here's Sue Grafton's memories:

"My first car was a 1958 rust red VW, which I adored. As I remember it, there wasn't any gas gauge, and the heating system consisted of a lever near the floor that could be turned to "on" or 'off' with no graduation in between. I've had other VWs in the many years since . . . one black, one beige, one blue. It's one of the reasons Kinsey Millhone drives her 1974 blue VW with only one minor ding in the left rear bumper. That car was actually the last VW I owned. I donated it to a local theater group which raffled it off in a fund-raiser. I put $1500 into the car and it netted the theater group $4006.00. A woman in Dallas, Texas won the car for a $10 donation. What a deal!"

- Sue Grafton (Author of O is for Outlaw and the rest of the great Kinsey Millhone novels)


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