Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Blue Visits: Moe Garcia's VW Yard

On the first day of our trip to Oregon, while we were headed north on the I-5 going through Yreka, California, we saw a vast VW yard from the highway. I took the next exit and doubled back to find Garcia's Foreign Car Clinic. The place was closed, but Garcia and a buddy were there keeping warm in the office. They let me roam the yard for a while to take some pictures.

I wish I had a chance to talk to him a little more - talk about VW history! I'm willing to bet this guy knows just about everything to know about VWs...



Makes me want to get back on the road!


I've driven by that place on so many road trips over the years and have always wanted to stop but just never have for one reason or another. I'll do it for sure next time.

Big Blue's Driver

Duke - bring your camera. If I had taken another 15 minutes, I would have tried to shoot inside some of the VWs. Interesting stuff...


WOOOOOAAAHH. That is awesome. I don't suppose he wants to offload that 15 window in the third picture... ;-)

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