Friday, January 22, 2010

Drive-by Shootings #7

Little Blue with Rich's '65 in Sausalito.

In someone's front lawn in Sebastopol, CA...



I've got that Limelighters album too--makes me smile every time I see it.

So, do you go out camera in hand looking for VWs? I can't ever get the camera out/on fast enough. Craig has requested that I take pictures "more like the blue vw people."

Big Blue's Driver

I actually don't own that Limelighters album - they wanted something like $10 for it at an antique store. I'm on the hunt for it in the 25 cent bin though...

Some people send me images, some I take. Most of the time, I either have a camera of use my iPhone camera. I am actually working on a post called, "missed drive-by shootings" where I just caught taillights, roofs, and blurs...

Ludwig's Drivers

Hey! I knew the Beetle in the seventh picture looked familiar (from some of our as-yet unpublished SoCal photos):
Truly it is a small world.

Big Blue's Driver

Whc03grady - we are experiencing this small world together often now. This and the Phish bus. Odd.

Perhaps this bug is migrating north? I feel like I've seen it more than once around here...

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