Monday, January 18, 2010

Burning Van! January 9th, 2010, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Last Saturday - the 9th of January - we packed up Big Blue and headed to Burning Van at Ocean Beach, deep in the heart of San Francisco. We had heard about it through VW Camper Family and saw more details on Less than an hour south of us, how could we not go?

First stop was in the sunset district of San Fran to pick up our friend Peter from Elementhis. Earlier contact with Peter informed us his engine was out and his bus was an 80% chance of going. When we arrived, he was putting the bumper back on. Engine in. Started fine. His red '70 would be leading the way...

And so we arrived to find something like 30 vanagons, 1 split and a Thing. We were the only Bay Windows, although another showed up a little while later.

Our friend and fellow VW Camper Family member Frank showed with his wife.

EP + Beach = happiness.

Need a blue van?

We climbed into Big Blue with Peter and had a few beers and talked to some people stopping by. One of them was a reporter, and we ended up being on the SF weekly blog. Yeah - that's a pic of yours truly in the report, but I wish they had put in Big Blue!

We had our blue battery-powered christmas lights on for the event!

It turned out there was no engine block brought to burn - a tradition in the past which requires welding goggles for viewing.

I was the only one who brought wood, so we did make a fire out on the beach and toasted some left-over christmas trees (I still don't know how we got those).

The people next to us has sparklers. Next year!

A tree going up.

EPs took this on the way home while I filled the tank.

It was a fun event, and there is talk of pulling one off in Santa Cruz. If so, we are down for it. Good people, those vanagon folk...


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