Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Project #1 - Little Blue's new tires

I had a few projects over the holidays for the VWs. The first - and easiest for me - was new tires for Little Blue. I have no idea how old the old ones were but they started to show signs of pending death. Since I love Cain's Tires - a small family-run shop in San Rafael (about 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge) - I took the day and headed down there and walked around while they changed all four plus the spare. The whole journey about an 4 hours (they had the car for about 2 hours) and I got to visit a record store I hadn't been to yet...

Little Blue waiting in line.

The old tires were pretty worn.

Some cracks on the sides.

How I found Little Blue upon my return.

I am always pleased with the lack of rust on Little Blue.

Note the camber of the wheels in the picture below. At first it freaked me out a little as the camber was not that much with the old tires. Then I realized that the car had just come down off the jacks and the tires were resting inward more than they normally would. Once Little Blue rolled down the road, it was fine.

Cain's Tires keeps containers full of the things they pull out of tires. It's a pretty cool mess to look at:


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