Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vintage VW Photos from the internet - Part 2 (note: edited last picture out)



Do I detect a whiff of hypocrisy as pertains the (well-deserved) mocking of late-80s/early 90s VW Trends on the one hand, and a couple of the above pictures on the other? Or does the b&w make it legit?
Nice shots.


Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady - I don't make the history, I just make fun of it when I can.

Okay, fine. A little hypocrisy (I grant you "whiff") but it's like looking at a Playboy from 1979 and one from 1967. Both are interesting, but some trends are just a little too... trendy.

My son will probably think french cut bikinis on girls are so retro that they are hot...

But I still say the Girls of EMPI are beyond mocking:

Ludwig's Drivers

In any case I hope my light ribbing didn't contribute to the excision of the last photo--which was also the best one, less the annoying watermark.

Nick Maiorsky

Love the nude girl in the bus picture. Must be some usual European commute:)

Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady - It wasn't your comment. I think that photo has a place in the future on BigBlueVW but EP brought up a good point that I should give a little warning (so no one is caught looking at Germany's other great products without notice).

I'm going to figure out how to blur the preview image but have a link to the uncensored version.

It will live to see another day!

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